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About To Exceed, LLC

Marketing Simplified.

Our streamlined process is adapted for the needs of each Client. Personalized service is a big perk of working with a smaller, specialized provider like To Exceed, LLC. Custom creatives, posting, and managed services deliver measurable results for large and small businesses alike. Our specialists aren’t satisfied with meeting expectations—We’re driven To Exceed.

Traditional Advertising Agencies use a “commission” model, profiting when their Clients spend more money (even when campaigns aren’t managed efficiently). At To Exceed, on the other hand, we charge a flat rate based on our inputs: the work of setting up and managing a campaign. We help Clients achieve their goals more efficiently, often while lowering costs.

  • Custom Solutions. Our team is small enough to care about your unique needs. Don't settle for cookie-cutter marketing.
  • Fee-Based Pricing. Any discounts, placements, and other deals that we negotiate are passed along directly to your business.
  • Detailed Reporting. Don't just take our word for it. Our reporting focuses on key metrics for your industry and your priorities.

To Exceed’s business model is fundamentally unlike other Advertising Agencies, but you’ve got to experience the difference for yourself. It’s a difference that becomes more apparent month after month, as we continue to further optimize your results.

Our Service is Savings—Not Selling You Advertising

Digital marketing is essential, but it’s also a big distraction from running your company. How do you know whether you’re overpaying vendors? Some businesses run job board postings and social media pages in-house, and the results can be noticeably unprofessional. Mediocre advertising — especially when it’s poorly targeted—can end up costing a lot more money than you save. Cutting corners can get expensive, and making a bad first impression leads to missed opportunities.

Our Specialized Team

The team at To Exceed, LLC brings together a wide variety of professional skills and perspectives. Instead of relying on formal degrees in business marketing or technology, we’ve got decades of hands-on experience testing and optimizing different marketing strategies. Digital platforms and applications will continue to evolve, but the team at To Exceed, LLC is already geared for flexible innovation.

Exceptional Service

Growing one business at a time.

Our motivated crew goes above and beyond to adapt to the needs of each client we serve. The team members at To Exceed, LLC have kept up to date with changes in the digital marketing landscape, and we refuse to settle for “good enough” when improving the Return On Investment for our Clients. Our success as a company depends on the continued satisfaction of our Clients. Find out for yourself how big a difference we can make.