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Professional Recruiting

Indeed Job Listings

The world’s largest job search engine attracts over 300 million visitors each month. There’s a lot of competition for employers, but the team at To Exceed, LLC can help you connect with qualified applicants on Indeed.

To Exceed, LLC designs PPC recruiting campaigns to match your goals and needs. When you pay to promote listings, the right strategies and locations can make a big difference. Our team helps your business get more value out of Indeed’s platform.

  • Managed PPC Campaigns: Keyword and location strategies boost your visibility. Phone and email leads go directly to your recruiters.
  • Original Content and Updates: Complete your Claimed Profile. We’ll work with you to describe job openings and requirements.
  • Custom Landing Pages: Send applicants to off-site contact forms with more details. We can even send applicants to your own website.

Recruiting tools take time to master, and the team at To Exceed, LLC has developed techniques to maximize results on Indeed. Our marketing strategies can be adapted to your unique recruiting goals.

Why Use Indeed?

At To Exceed, LLC, we recommend Indeed over ZipRecruiter because we’re able to reach a larger audience of job seekers for a lower cost per day. A relatively modest PPC budget can reach qualified applicants searching in your target area. Add skills testing and questions to avoid paying for unqualified leads. Take advantage of the advanced features on Indeed with help from specialists at To Exceed, LLC.

Professional Listing Management

Better Recruiting with Indeed

The Indeed platform is easy for job seekers to navigate, but the employer facing side is not quite so user-friendly. If you don’t have specially trained staff to manage Indeed listings in-house, then the team at To Exceed, LLC can help you achieve recruiting goals.

Frequently asked questions

The right strategy for digital marketing and recruiting can make a huge difference for your business. Reach your target audience without overspending. To Exceed, LLC provides simple solutions for today’s digital marketplace.

What types of industries do you serve?
The team at To Exceed, LLC is ready to serve all kinds of industries from transportation to financial advisors and medical facilities.
Can’t my own staff manage social media and job boards?
If your staff isn’t specifically trained in digital marketing, then outsourcing these tasks will yield more professional results.
How big are the companies served by To Exceed, LLC?
We serve small, medium, and large businesses. To Exceed, LLC has worked with trucking companies with anywhere from 25 to 2,500 trucks.
Why should I pay for marketing online?
Paid promotions (like PPC ads) can generate fast results and target specific audiences. Your budget should reflect your goals and timeline.
Which job boards are best for recruiting?
Certain job boards perform better for different industries. To Exceed, LLC has had success with Facebook, Indeed, Craigslist, and other listings.
How do I know if I’m spending too much on marketing?
To Exceed, LLC can compare your current cost per lead with industry standards. Budgets vary widely depending on your goals and industry.