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Top 5 Mistakes On Your Indeed Job Listing

Many tech-savvy employers can manage their own Indeed profiles. It’s not hard to post an occasional job opening on the platform. At To Exceed, we recommend Indeed because it’s the world’s leading job search engine. Whether you’re using specialized staff or an external contactor, make sure you avoid these five mistakes when posting jobs on Indeed.

Unnecessary Requirements

Old job descriptions may include outdated requirements. It’s almost too easy to recycle the same text from past recruiting cycles. Are all your current requirements necessary? Are some of the skills and abilities negotiable?

  • Arbitrary Levels of Education: Does your opening really require a specific degree? Don’t settle for repeating past requirements.
  • Years of Experience Instead of Quality: Look for depth and relevance of experience, not just years. Avoid setting a maximum (3 to 5 years) which discourages older applicants.
  • Subjective Skills and Abilities: What does “works well under pressure” even mean? An applicant’s story about “teamwork” doesn’t show whether they’ll fit your team.

Typos and Mistakes on Your Job Listing

Nothing makes a bad first impression quite like typos on a job listing. If you copy and paste descriptions and requirements, then you still might have formatting errors and buggy artifacts. Overused descriptions of the company culture can feel impersonal and cliché.

Ideally, your company should have multiple people involved in editing and proofreading job listings. Descriptions should be edited for accuracy. As mentioned above, job requirements may have changed over time.

Not Updating Your Company Profile

Good workers care about the quality of their employers. That’s why Indeed allows you to supply more detailed information on your company profile. Upload several photos and write a blurb about the company. Use the Frequently Asked Questions for insights into your culture, onboarding, and company policies. Use the company profile to supplement job listings, providing information that applies to all jobs. Your Indeed profile should link to external resources like your company website and social media.

Not Checking Your Budget or Spend Daily

Creating and posting an individual job is easy enough, but that post may not rank very high in your area or industry. To get more attention and fill openings quickly, many companies need to use Pay Per Click or PPC advertising on Indeed. Our team at To Exceed has developed cost-effective strategies for promoting jobs. As with many types of PPC advertising online, you need to be careful about your budget and spending. It’s easy to run through your budget too quickly when you aren’t checking often.

Not Taking Reviews Seriously

Job seekers who look at your listings can see the 5-star rating for your company, and they can look at the individual ratings and reviews through your company page. Since 2021, a parent company called Recruit Holdings has controlled both Indeed and Glassdoor, which means employer reviews on Glassdoor are transferred directly over to Indeed. Employers may want to explore the branding services available with Glassdoor. You can be proactive about encouraging satisfied workers and current staff to review the company.

Indeed is designed to be a user-friendly platform where anyone can search and find jobs in their area. The employer interface isn’t quite as intuitive or easy to navigate if you don’t have a background in digital marketing. For help with managing your Indeed presence and recruiting online, contact the team at To Exceed.