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The survey tools and reporting from PDP Global were designed for the workplace. Complete the ProScan survey yourself in as little as ten minutes. Schedule a free consultation with Licensed Representative Steve Prelipp, and learn how behavioral assessments can strengthen your workforce:

  • For Your Staff: Assess future job applicants and current employees.
  • For Job Openings: Build Job Models to attract and hire high performers.
  • For Better Teams: Improve collaboration with targeted tips for communication.

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image of quote by Steve Prelipp saying that ProScan is designed for the workplace, not trying to prove some academic theory. Properly implemented, PDP can transform the culture of your business for the better.
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PDP Global and Steve Prelipp

Since PDP's founding in 1977, over 5 million surveys have been completed. Over the years, 98% of survey-takers agree with their results. In 1992, while serving as President of Cardinal Freight Carriers, Steve Prelipp saw for himself the benefits of behavioral assessments in the workplace. Steve Prelipp became a Licensed Representative in 2006, helping employers measure and understand the behavioral traits of their workforce.

Learn more about the history of PDP Global and its methodology. In this video, Founder Bruce Hubby explains a few of the guiding principles for its development. The 5-point Likert scale and variable norms helped to make surveys more reliable.

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Behavioral assessments from PDP Global are already used in a wide range of industries. Organizations of virtually any size, large or small, can benefit from learning about the behavioral traits and communication styles of staff. If you have employees, then hiring decisions and team collaboration can make or break your company. Read Case Studies about results that different employers have achieved with PDP Global.

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To Exceed is proudly working with Licensed Representative Steve Prelipp to spread the word about the powerful potential of surveys from PDP Global. Ready to try ProScan for yourself? Contact the team at To Exceed by calling (877) 589-6524. You can also use our contact form.

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