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Motivate and Manage Workers with PDP Assessments

Your people are your company’s most important resource. Make the most of each hire with PDP behavioral assessments. The fast, convenient surveys take from 5 to 10 minutes, and they deliver clear, actionable reports for employers. Get the insights you need to evaluate job applicants and motivate your current workforce. PDP assessments go way beyond the typical personality test, getting down to “the Science of Understanding People.”

Deploy PDP with To Exceed

PDP was founded in 1977 with 50+ Licensed Representatives (LRs) globally. To Exceed works exclusively with Steve Prelipp, who has been an LR with PDP since 2006. Steve Prelipp saw the potential in PDP back in 1992 as President of Cardinal Freight Carriers.

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“In terms of reliability and useful applications, I’ve never seen another testing system that comes close to PDP. ProScan is designed for the workplace, not trying to prove some academic theory. Properly implemented, PDP can transform the culture of your business for the better.

“We all know from experience that people have different personalities. Why do so many businesses treat employees like interchangeable cogs in a machine? PDP gives easy-to-understand measurements for familiar personality traits, communication styles, and motivations.”

— Steve Prelipp

image of quote by Steve Prelipp saying that ProScan is designed for the workplace, not trying to prove some academic theory. Properly implemented, PDP can transform the culture of your business for the better.
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When Steve became a consultant for other trucking companies and other employers, PDP became a valuable tool for hiring decisions and developing talent. Underperforming workers might simply need a different management style, tapping into their personal motivations.

  • Find Employees Who “Fit”: Develop recruiting ads that appeal to workers who fit your openings. Ask the right interview questions. Match workers to jobs they find satisfying.
  • Retention and Management: Quantify stress levels and morale, giving managers insights to motivate individual workers. Boost job satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Team Performance and Communication: Reduce personality conflicts and establish objective criteria for evaluations. Open and improve communication channels.

Employers who use PDP can create Job Models to better understand the types of workers who fit those roles. You wouldn’t hire someone without the technical skills to perform a job, and yet companies routinely hire workers who don’t fit the pacing and communication style of their team or department. Instead of relying on gut instinct and paper certifications for hiring decisions, use PDP’s proven system to skip the trial-and-error of unnecessary turnover.

Proven Assessments for the Workplace

The research by Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP) has focused on a survey population of working adults, targeting metrics that make a difference in the workplace. On a scale from 0.0 to 1.0, the PDP coefficients of reliability are above .94 for all factors. For context, a reliability coefficient of .70 is acceptable for classroom exams.

PDP assessments have proven reliable across the subtle differences of race, gender, and occupation, maintaining coefficients of invariance above .87. Our assessments meet all EEO and ADA requirements for fairness and non-discrimination.

Core PDP DynaMetrics

The PDP ProScan survey only takes 5-10 minutes to complete, causing little-to-no disruption in the workday. The brevity of the survey makes it a reasonable request for job applicants, yielding a wealth of insights into predispositions and compatibility.

  • ProScan: Identify the Natural Strengths, environmental stressors, and motivations of each individual.
  • TeamScan: Analyze the organizational culture, communication style, and perceptions of each team.
  • JobScan: Match the traits of a specific job to the traits of an individual well-suited for that position.

PDP products have been used by clients like UPS, Citibank, Young Life, and Extended Stay America. With more than 20 years of consulting experience, Steve Prelipp has personally done PDP work with Covenant, TMC, Boyd Bros., WTI, and other clients. The PDP system is available in more than a dozen languages, but the employer reports are in clear, simple English, not technical jargon.

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The best way to learn more about PDP is to schedule a free consultation with Steve. Take the ProScan survey for yourself and notice how quicky the survey is finished. What’s more impressive is the level of detail and accuracy that’s possible with such a short assessment, but that’s something you’ll have to experience to believe.

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