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Improve Recruiting and Onboarding with Behavioral Assessments

Recruiting and hiring decisions are some of the most important choices made by companies (and HR departments). Behavioral assessments from PDP Global allow employers to match the right person to the right job. Before you can find the right “match,” your company must clearly define the job requirements:

  • Skills (or Certifications): Some skill requirements are non-negotiable, but many gaps can be closed with on-the-job training.
  • Experience (Successful): Years of industry experience might include bad habits and shortcuts from past employers.
  • Behavioral Traits: Motivated workers with the right temperament become assets for growth and company culture.

Most job listings include required skills and minimum experience, but employers tend to forget about behavioral traits. When you hire people who don’t have the right temperament or behavioral traits for the job, they might not stay at your company for long. Turnover is expensive, costing nearly $4,700 per hire, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). What’s worse than turnover? Mismatched workers might struggle along for years, underperforming or “getting by” in a professional role that doesn’t match their personal strengths and temperament.

PDP Global’s JobScan tools allow you to reliably measure and understand the behavioral traits of your current workforce and new job applicants.

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Develop Job Models for Recruiting and Advertising

When you need to fill a job opening, make sure you understand your target audience for recruiting. What do your company’s top performers in this role have in common? More than a favorite football team or shared video game hobbies, your top performers share an attitude and set of motivations that help them succeed at your company. Use PDP Global’s assessments to learn more about your current team and desirable behavioral traits in future hires.

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Around 48% of hiring managers admit that bias affects their hiring decisions. Employers should be invested in finding the best worker for each job, preventing unconscious bias from skewing hiring decisions. Behavioral assessments provide an objective tool for measuring which applicants are best suited to succeed in a particular role.

  • Survey Your Highest Performers: Compare the behavioral traits of your top employees in a certain role at your company. Others (like supervisors who intimately understand the perspectives and pressures of successful workers) can also complete the JobScan Survey.
  • Discuss and Sculpt your JobScan Model: Did your high performers have unexpected differences? Which expectations and behavioral traits are well aligned? Are multiple “types” or “models” well suited for success in this position? Add or remove JobScan surveys as needed.
  • Use TeamScan for Connected Teams: Assess and compare the communication style of each team member, equipping them to communicate with each other. TeamScan improves collaboration within existing teams and provides insights for adding new members.
  • Advertise with Motivator Words: Effective recruiting begins with encouraging the right people to apply (and getting their attention in the first place). Use "How to Advertise” suggestions from JobScan Models to connect with target candidates.

Before you even interview your first applicant, PDP behavioral assessments can help you understand your workforce. Develop a JobScan Model for key positions to see what types of workers to target with recruiting campaigns. Use motivator words in advertising to connect with workers who fit the position.

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Compare Job Applicants Before the First Interview

When qualified workers apply with your company, they can be invited to complete the PDP Applicant Survey online. Taking as little as ten minutes, the Applicant Survey is less burdensome and less invasive than many pre-employment hurdles. Reporting from PDP Global is easy to understand, and each candidate’s survey results are immediately compared with your JobScan Model:

  • Compare Applicant with JobScan Model: How much does each job applicant align with your current high performers?
  • Flag Behavior Traits Outside the Range: Everyone adapts their behavior to different settings. Larger adjustments cause more stress.
  • Compare Overall Matches by Percentage: A total percentage score makes it easy to compare matches across all behavioral traits.

The JobScan Model is not a checklist guide to find the perfect, fantasy employee. When used incorrectly, older personality testing methods can pigeonhole workers and play into reductive stereotypes. PDP Global assessments overcome workplace skepticism with accuracy and reliability, focusing on relatable behavioral metrics like pace and motivation. Survey administrators with PDP certifications, like Licensed Representative Steve Prelipp, are trained to implement behavioral assessments in ways that are EEOC and ADA compliant.

Ask the Right Interview Questions with Behavioral Assessments

Use the Candidate Interview Report to quickly connect with potential hires. Professionals know the importance of doing your homework before interviewing a potential hire. PDP behavioral assessments allow you to identify potential compatibility issues in advance. Will the job require significant adjustments to the candidate’s Natural Self?

  • Review the Results for Each Trait: This applicant’s [extroversion, logic, pace, etc] was [a close match to, higher than, or lower than] the Job Scan Model.
  • Natural Self Doesn’t Match the Model? Suggested questions ask about the applicant’s experience making a similar behavioral adjustment in the past.
  • Applicant’s Major Stress: Additional questions ask about the applicant’s largest source of stress. Note-taking space allows the interviewer to rate applicant responses.
  • Custom Interview Questions: Your company’s own questions can be added to the Candidate Interview Report to help consolidate paperwork.

Instead of one-size-fits-all cliches like “What are your weaknesses?”, the Candidate Interview Report guides the interviewer to focus on the most important question: Is this specific applicant the best available fit for this specific job? Some applicants will have prior experience adjusting their natural energy level or preference for logical decision-making. The interview is the perfect time to address potential compatibility issues, both for the sake of the employer and the worker’s wellbeing.

Onboarding New Hires with PDP Global Reports

PDP Global assessments help your company make the most of each new hire. You’ve already found workers who align with your company’s top performers, but everyone has their unique combination of traits and preferences. Help new hires think about their own motivations and connect with others.

  • Motivator Worksheet: Checklists and questions help workers think critically about their personal priorities and professional goals.
  • What Makes You Tick? And what ticks you off? Communication style and interests help team leaders connect with new hires.
  • Side-by-Side Report: Compare and contrast the behavioral traits of two colleagues (or a boss and new employee) side-by-side on the page.
  • TeamScan Report: Highlight the communication and management styles of each team member. Promote dynamic team communication.

Find out more about the power of PDP assessments by talking to Licensed Representative Steve Prelipp. We're happy to answer your questions and set up a free demonstration for your company. Find out how quickly you can complete the simple JobScan survey and see how much you can learn about yourself from the results.

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